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AC 110/220VAC to DC 0-60V 480W 8A Adjustable Switching Power Supply

AC 110/220VAC to DC 0-60V 480W 8A Adjustable Switching Power Supply
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Product description


  • Mainly used in a variety of DC equipment, DC motor step less speed regulation, LED electrodeless dimming, chemical plating, speed control, scientific research, testing, students, etc., and widely used.
  • Please Note: no matter the voltage is set to several V, the maximum current is 8A, the current is not adjustable, the actual current is determined by the load). Any device less than 8A current can be used, and no device greater than 8A current can be used
  • Special note: such as the use of motor and fan inductive load, please note that the maximum motor starting current parameter, this parameter may not be higher than the current maximum power, otherwise it may cause damage to the power supply, the power supply should choose more current, or to the motor with soft start protection circuit to absorb impact current.
  • To ensure the lifetime of the power supply, pls don't use full load when you use it. We recommend the use power should be 80% of the rated power. For example: the label of the power supply is 500W, use power should be : 500W*80%=400W
  • (power formula) voltage X current = power
  • For example: access to 20V 6A equipment, power is 120W, and then connected to 48V 5A equipment, power is 240W


  • ◆ When the charger is used, please unplug the battery and turn off the input power. If it is not used for a long time, please store it in a ventilated and dry environment.
  • ◆To ensure safety, please perform within the line of sight when charging. If you need to leave, remove the battery to avoid unpredictable danger.
  • ◆Do not mix batteries of different types, different capacities and different manufacturers.
  • ◆ Keep away from flammable materials when charging, pay special attention to battery temperature. If the temperature is very high, such as hot, please disconnect the power immediately to stop charging.

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