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Daly BMS 8S 24V 20A LIFEpO4 Battery Protection Board bms

Daly BMS 8S 24V 20A LIFEpO4 Battery Protection Board bms
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002891
  • Weight: 57.00g
  • SKU: BE-002891
  • MPN: BE-002891
(GST +18%Extra)
  • This is a DALY 8S 24V 20A common port BMS for Li-Ion Batteries
  • Charges, Discharge Protection Current, Voltage range are permanently programmed inside BMS and cannot be changed. This is a 8S fixed configuration BMS. It cannot be used for any other battery pack configuration. This BMS also cannot be used for Li-ion, Li-Metal or LTO batteries. It is strictly for LiFePo4 battery packs only
  • Box contains: Rated voltage 24V BMS, balance sense cable (9 Wire sense cable with connector) and instruction sheet
  • Battery pack will stop charging when voltage reaches 3.7V and stop discharging when voltage reaches 2.5V of a cell
  • Temperature range of this BMS is from -20℃ to as high up to 70℃ , DALY BMS passed waterproof test, humidity and resistance test. DALY BMS can be used in home power storage system, RV Power supply, E-bike and other lithium battery related device

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