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Model: BE-000467
DESCRIPTION:This is a very basic sound input sensor, it converts sound waves to electrical signal. Electret Condenser Microphone has a built in condenser (another name of capacitor) which holds electric charge, sound wave moves plate of condenser so capacitance changes and it creates voltage var..
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Model: BE-000912
DESCRIPTION:Impedance:≤500Ω; Voltage:≤30Vp-p; Operating temperature:-20°c~+60°c. Storage temperature:-30°c~+70°c...
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Model: BE-000441
DESCRIPTION:Voltage: 12V DC Current: 500mA Pressure: 0.02 - 0.8Mpa Valve type: diaphragm (operated by Servo) Operation mode: normally closed Inlet and outlet: hose barbs for 1/2" (outer diameter) hose Fluid temperature: 1-100 ℃ Material:Metal & Plastic Usage: water and low..
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Model: BE-000229
ONE MODULE DESCRIPTION:The angle sensor can sense the change object Operating Voltage3.3V-5V Output Type Digital switching output (0And1) With fixed bolt hole for easy installation Small platesPCBSize:3cm * 1.6cm TWO MODULE INTERFACE SPECIFICATION (3Wire ..
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