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Model: BE-001558
DESCRIPTION:Large heat sink design (length 85MM * wide 62MM * high 64MM), and do black oxidation (black oxidation heat effect is excellent). Support 12-60V wide input voltage, 12-80V adjustable wide output voltage, ultra-low input and output differential pressure. Output constant c..
Rs2,500.00 Rs2,325.00 Ex Tax:Rs1,970.34
Model: BE-000231
PARAMETERS:Module Name: 600W boost constant current module  Module Properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST) (not down) Input voltage: two selectable input voltage range, (by jumper selection board)1. 8-16V input (for three strings of lithium batt..
Rs1,199.00 Rs1,115.00 Ex Tax:Rs944.92
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