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Model: BE-000892
DESCRIPTION: ROHS : Yes Adjustment Type: Top Adjustment Power: 0.1W Resistance: 10K OHM Series RM-065 6mm Tolerance ±20%..
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Model: BE-000897
DESCRIPTION:Pots are variable resistors. They can be use for various purpouses. Practically it can vary with in  little range respect to standard value. It is a three terminal resistor with sliding contact to act s voltage divider.SPECIFICATION:1/4 in. Shaft Diameter  3/8 ..
Rs12.00 Ex Tax:Rs10.17
Model: BE-000461
DESCRIPTION:This is a low cost but very effective temperature sensor. Thermistor is a thermal resistor which changes its resistance with temperature. The resistance goes up for ice and goes down when placed near hot flame...
Rs12.00 Ex Tax:Rs10.17
Model: BE-000887
DESCRIPTION:Trimmer/Trimpots is a high accuracy variable resistor and pcb mountable with 3 terminal pins. The voltage between the terminal varies as the trimpot is rotated.The Variable resistors are used for variating voltage as per the need in a circuit. The outer two pins are connected to ..
Rs14.00 Ex Tax:Rs11.86
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