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Model: BE-000189
DESCRIPTION:Excellent noise suppression,you will hear any noise without connecting input audio. Dual-channel stereo,only needed 5V power supply can input 5W+5W power,it can drive 4Ω,8Ω little speaker directly,with large output power,enough energy,superior quality,and left right channel..
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0.28 Inch 2.5V-30V Mini Digital Voltmeter Voltage Tester Meter
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Model: BE-001469
FEATURES:  Detection voltage: DC2.5V ~ 30V Working current: <30mA Display: 0.28 inch LED Dimensions: 31 × 12.0 × 9mm (length x width x height) Installation hole: 23 × 10 mm Measurement rate: ≥200mS / times Accuracy: 1% (+/- 1 word)COLOR:Red: 2.5V - 30V Yellow..
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Model: BE-000164
DESCRIPTION:1.It's a new digital LED countdown display 12v delay module module.  It can be widely used with various control switch places. 2.It can set the delay time,can press "set" buttons. After setting up, power-up setting value is previous setting delay time as we set last time (po..
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Model: BE-000902
DESCRIPTION:TDA8932 35W mono digital amplifier moduleThe board uses a high-performance digital amplifier TDA8932 chip, a small size, high efficiency, high power, good sound quality, without additional installation of radiator, very suitable for the transformation of active speakers, electro-..
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Model: BE-000193
DESCRIPTION: The module is a 12-foot clock with 4 points of positive digital (0.36 inches) display module driver IC TM1637, only two signal lines can make SCM four 8-segment LED. Module features are as follows:Display of male red for the four digital tube Adjustable di..
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4 Way Channel Efficient Wireless Practical ON/OFF Light Lamp Switch Splitter Digital Remote Transmitter
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Model: BE-001606
FEATURES:100% Brand new and high quality; Suitable for droplight, crystal lamp, modern low-pressure lamp, absorb dome light, day flower lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fan, etc; It can be used in household, stairs, corridor, washroom, toilet, workshop, warehouse,..
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Model: BE-001340
DESCRIPTION:8 in 1 Function: Digital altimeter, with digital barometer, digital compass, weather forecast, time , calendar, thermometer , and backlight.The device is based on the technology of electronic bearing sensor and barometric sensorThe digital altimeter is designed for outdoor us..
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Model: BE-001357
FEATURES: 100% Brand New  Small size and easy installation  Easy reading with Blue LCD back light Digital Display  Having a dual measurement of AC voltage, It can measure AC 300-500V  Widely used in substation automation, distribution automation, test equipment and ..
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Model: BE-000506
DESCRIPTION:Analog to digital converters find huge application as an intermediate device to convert the signals from analog to digital form. These digital signals are used for further processing by the digital processors. Various sensors like temperature, pressure, force etc. convert the phys..
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Model: BE-000971
DESCRIPTION:On-board ADXL345 digital output (supports I2C/SPI), low power, compact acceleration sensor; Support 5V/3.3V voltage input, onboard RT9161 power chip, lower pressure drop than the 1117, faster load the appropriate speed, ideal for high noise power environment; The pin has been ..
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Model: BE-000916
SPECIFICATION: Address of this module can be changed. By default, the address is '0100011'. You can connect the solder bridge in the ADDR box. Then the address becomes '1011100'. You can also do other configurations. For more information, you can refer to the datasheet. ..
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Model: BE-000187
DESCRIPTION: This is a breakout board for the very handy 16-Channel Analog/Digital Multiplexer/Demultiplexer CD74HC4067.   This chip is like a rotary switch - it internally routes the common pin   (COM in the schematic, SIG on the board)to one of 16 channel pins (CHANxx). ..
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