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TEA5767 Programmable Radio Module Low-Power FM Stereo Module

TEA5767 Programmable Radio Module Low-Power FM Stereo Module
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 TEA5767 is a built-in digital signal processor with basic frequency up to 75MHZ, achieves 384KBPS/48KHZ MD-level high-quality MP3 Music file playback, and with any common MP3 player achieves the difficult to match Hi-fi playback line (signal to noise ratio up to 95DB, THD (Total harmonic distortion) <0.05%>) all at the same time, saving power.
In this FM radio module, the core is (NXP) TEA5767. This is a relatively better performing FM radio chip, and a lot of MP3 players use this Model to achieve FM radio functionalities.


·        Built-in TEA5767 FM IC.

·        High sensitivity with integrated low-noise RF input amplifier.

·        Frequency range: 70Mhz-108Mhz.

·        Built in 32.768khz clock crystal.

·        PLL automatic searching tuning system.

·        Fully digital processing, including audio output

·        IIC protocol, request minimum control IOs

·        Integrated LDO regulator

·        Suitable for handheld applications.



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