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IR Based

Model: BE-002410
Product descriptionUltra-thin infrared remote control parameters :CR2025 green button batteries, capacity 160mahTransmission Distance: 8m or more ( specific and the surrounding environment , the receiver sensitivity and other factors )Effective angle: 60 degreesSticking material: 0.125mmPET, the use..
Model: BE-002322
Infrared Sensor Switch E18-D80NK Adjustable Proximity Sensor Switch Obstacle Avoidance Detection Sensor Switch interruptorFeatures:This is a set of transmitter and receiver in one of the photoelectric sensor.A detection distance can be adjusted according to the requirements.The sensor has a detectio..
Model: BE-001910
Micro Human Body Sensing Module PIR Module Infrared Module Pyroelectric Human Body Infrared Sensor Module..
Model: BE-002486
Description• This module has high sensitivity, fast response, small static power consumption, small size, is easy to install.• It can be used for body sensor lights, alarms, security.• Output: high level, H=3.3V, L=0V• This module has a sensing distance of up to 5 meters.Working parameters:• Pyroele..
Model: BE-002411
Product descriptionThis remote control would be handy for controlling a robot or other projects from across the room.It has 17 buttons and a layout we thought was handy. It works fine with many of these commonly available IR receiver ICs.It would be a great aid in remote control projects such as the..
Model: BE-001572
Color: Black **length: 150cmFrequency: 38khz wavelength range: Far IROutput wavelength: 940nmIr connector: 35mmIndicator: Led with a double side adhesive tape, convenient to fixed on the location..
Model: BE-000122
Package Include: 5X HC-SR501 Sensor  Product description: 100% New Adjust Infrared IR PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module Security Motion HC-SR501Color: White + GreenDimension: 3.2cm x 2.4cm x 1.8cm (approx)Infrared sens..
Adjustable Infrared Reflectance Sensor Switch photoelectric detect sensor
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Model: BE-000344
DESCRIPTION:    1. Working voltage: 5 VDC. 2. Working current: 10-15 mA. 3. Drive current: 100 mA. 4. Induction distance: 3-50 cm. 5. Size: 17 x 45 mm. Connection: red take 5 V. green meet GND. yellow line output.  Through the sensors to adjust the knob on the back. induction ..
beam photoelectric sensor infrared radiation sensor module counting sensor beam photoelectric sensor infrared radiation sensor module counting sensor
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Model: BE-000185
DESCRIPTION:First  dimension: 32mm X 11mm X height 20mm width  Second, the main chip: LM393, infrared on the radio head  Third, the working voltage: DC 5 V  Four characteristics: Having a signal output instruction.  A single-channel si..
Model: BE-000919
SPECIFICATION:Voltage: 5V Output: Standard infrared Receive frequency: 38kHz Carrier IR code Transmission distance: 1~8m (Depends on transmit terminal) Platform: Arduino, MCU Application: For infrared communication, infrared remote control..
Model: BE-000184
DESCRIPTION:Working voltage: DC 3.3V-5V Working current: try to choose more than 1A power supply Working temperature: - 10oC - +50oC Mounting aperture: M3 screws Detection range: 1mm to 60 CM adjustable, the closer the performance more stable, white reflects the farthest distance. S..
Model: BE-000042
HC SR501 Adjust Infrared IR PIR Motion SensorHC SR501  Adjust Infrared IR PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module Security MotionDimension: 3.2cm x 2.4cm x 1.8cm (approx) Infrared sensor with control circuit board The sensitivity and holding time can be adjusted Working Voltage Range: DC..
Model: BE-000051
Package Include :This Listing is for a Infra Red IR Smart car Obstacle Avoidance Sensor.When the module detects an obstacle in front of the signal , the green indicator light on the board level , while low-level continuous output signal OUT port , the module detects the distance  fro..
Model: BE-000210
DESCRIPTION: Infrared receiving module adopts 1838 infrared receiving head Light resistance, strong electromagnetic interference, built-in infrared dedicated IC, can work under 500 lux light intensity Widely used in: stereo, TV, video machine, disc machine, set-top boxes, digital photo fram..
Model: BE-000871
DESCRIPTION:MOC7811 is a slotted Opto isolator module, with an IR transmitter & a photodiode mounted on it. Performs Non-Contact Object Sensing. This is normally used as positional sensor switch (limit switch) or as Position Encoder sensors used to find position of the wheel. It consists of ..
Model: BE-000343
DESCRIPTION: Use for: The electricity meter pulse data sampling Fax machine. shredder paper detection Obstacle detection Black and white line detectionModule features:   Using infrared reflection sensors TCRT5000 Test reflection distance: 1mm to 25mm Clean and 3. the compar..
Model: BE-000480
  TCRT5000 Reflective Infrared Optical Sensor Photoelectric Switches   ..
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