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Brand: xcluma Model: BE-000247
DESCRIPTION: The 127 couples, 40mm x 40mm size module is a single stage module which is designed for cooling and heating up to 90°C applications. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Size 40x40x3.4mm (WxDxH) Imax 5A Umax 15.4V Qmax (ΔT =0) 42.5W  ΔT max. = 65°C FEAT..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-000250
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Size 40x40x3.75mm(WxDxH) Imax 6A Umax 12V Qmx(ΔT=0) 60-71W ΔT max =83° C FEATURES: No moving part, no noise Compact Structure, small in size, light in weight ROHS Compliant Exceptionally reliable in quality, high performance ..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-000255
FEATURES: Precise temperature control.  Solid state, vibration free, noise-free.  Simple to install and operate.  Each device is fully inspected and tested.  Fitted with 14cm insulated leads .  Perimeter sealer for moisture protection.  This device mus..
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