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10kg Load Cell Weight Sensor with HX711 ADC Converter 10kg Load Cell Weight Sensor with HX711 ADC Converter
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Model: BE-002153
10kg Load Cell Weight Sensor with HX711 ADC ConverterSturdy aluminum alloy construction with strain gauges pre-attached with strain relieved wires. Accurate measures forces from 0-10kg .Input End: Red+, Black-; Output End: Green+, White-; Excitation Voltage: 5-10V DCOn-chip active low noise PGA with..
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Model: BE-001794
The module can measure AC currents less than 5A, the corresponding analog output 5A/5mA Rated Input Current: 5A Rated output current: 5mA On-board micro precision current transformer Onboard sampling strengthPCB size: 18.3 x17 (mm) Change: 1000: 1 Linear range: 0 ~ 10A (100 ohms) Linearity: 0.2% Pre..
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Model: BE-001795
The module can measure less than 5A AC current, the corresponding analog output can be adjustedPCB board size: 38 (mm) x18.5 (mm)High-precision op amp circuit board, the signal for precise sampling and appropriate compensation functionAn onboard precision miniature current transformer..
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Model: BE-001748
Size: 19.5 * 20.3mm This module can be used to test the current and voltage.The principle of voltage test based on principle of resistive voltage divider design, can make the red terminal connector inp voltage to 5 times smaller. Analog inp voltages up to 5 v, the voltage detection module input volt..
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Model: BE-002129
HW-MS03 High Performance Motion Sensor Radar Motion Sensor 2.4GHz to 5.8GHzFeatures:Output category: digital sensorWorking principle: vibration sensorSensor type: 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz radar sensorMaterial: mixture Specifications:1. Independent of temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, noise, light a..
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Model: BE-002218
KY-017 KY17 Mercury switch moduleMade of high-quality materials, these modules are crafted with high strength and durability for long-term use. They are also stable and reliable in terms of professional design performance. Suitable for development and application, these digital temperature sensor mo..
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Model: BE-002213
KY-025 large reed module reed sensor module magnetic switchThe KY-025 module consist of a 2x14mm normally open reed switch, a LM393 dual differential comparator, a 3296W-104 trimmer pontetiometer, six resistors and two LEDs. The board has an analog and a digital output.KY-025 Reed Switch Module for ..
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Model: BE-002223
KY-031 tap sensor module knocking sensor moduleAs the name suggests the Knock Sensor Module produces the Digital output on the detection of Knock i.e. vibration stroke. Further, the change in voltage level can be manipulated to produce the desired output and can be used in a variety of app..
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Model: BE-002211
Linear Magnetic Force Hall Sensor KY-024High sensitivity IR receiverExtremely sensitive to wave between 760-1100nmPower supply indicator lampComparator output indicator lampAO, real-time thermister voltage signal outputDO, high / low electric level signal outputAnalog quantity outputThreshold rollov..
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Model: BE-002179
MAX31865 Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector Module RTD SensorFeatures:1. The product is a temperature sensor whose resistance changes with temperature, and is a thermistor.2. Compared with most PTC/PTC thermistors, the PT type RTD is very stable. pt100 has been used to measure the temperature ..
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Model: BE-002247
MC-38 MC38 Wired Door Window Sensor 30mm Wire Magnetic Switch Home Alarm System..
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Model: BE-002226
Metal Touch Sensor Module for KY-036 Touch S2 RedDescription:Metal Touch Interface module and number 13 with LED build a simple circuit to produce a touch cue lights .Use number 13 interface LED, make metal touch sensor connect digital three interfaces. when a metal touch sensor senses a key signal,..
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