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Sound Sensor

Model: BE-001353
DESCRIPTION:This is an easy to use and handy Mini Sound Level Meter. Designed for sound quality control that measures sound level from 30dBA up ~ 130dBA. It has auto range, wide measuring and frequency range (31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz), maximum hold, Frequency Weighting A and Auto Backlight. Just press ..
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Sound Detection Module Sound Detection Module
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Model: BE-000006
sound detection module whistle voice-activated switching outputs high and low level DIY    Product features:    1 can detect ambient sound intensity, usage note: this sound sensor can only identify the presence or absence of (based on the principle of vibration) does n..
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Voice Recognition Module v3 ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module v3 ELECHOUSE
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Model: BE-000994
DESCRIPTION:ELECHOUSE Voice Recognition Module is a compact and easy-control speaking recognition board.This product is a speaker-dependent voice recognition module. It supports up to 80 voice commands in all. Max 7 voice commands could work at the same time. Any sound could be trained as comman..
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