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Battery Charge Controller

Battery Charge Controller
XH-M311 mini version TPA3118 digital audio amplifier board audio power amplifier module mono 60W XH-M311 mini version TPA3118 digital audio amplifier board audio power amplifier module mono 60W
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Model: BE-002371
XH-M311 mini version TPA3118 digital audio amplifier board audio power amplifier module mono 60WProduct introduction: TPA3118 of TI company is used as the main chip. The power supply range is wide to DC10-24V. Under the condition of 24V power supply, the load of 2Euro audio can reach 60W output..
Model: BE-002474
Product name: Battery Emergency Switching ModuleProduct model: HW-712Control voltage: DC12VControl current: 12ASupport power: 150W..
Model: BE-002372
XH-M401 DC-DC Buck Module XL4016E1 High Power DC Voltage Regulator Maximum 8A Band Voltage RegulatorIntroduction:XL4016E1 DC-DC step-down module, high power DC regulator, 8A, voltage stabilizing and step-down module. 1. please keep the input and output differential pressure above 2V. 2. the long d..
Model: BE-002373
XH-M411 DC-DC Step Up Module DC 3V-35V to DC 5V-45V Boost Module 5A Power AdjustableFeatures: This is a great DC to DC step-up power supply module for electric equipment, digital products, etc.Input and output are designed with screw terminals for convenient wire connection and disconnection.Th..
Model: BE-001902
XH-M601 Battery Charging Control Board 12V Smart Charger Power Control Board Automatic Charging..
Model: BE-002238
XH-M603 Charging Control Module 12-24V Storage Lithium Battery Charger Control Switch Protection Board With LED DisplayProduct Introduction:1.Model:XH-M6032.Input Voltage:DC 10-30V 3.Display Precision:0.1V 4.Control Precision:0.1V 5.Output Type:direct output 6.Voltage Tolerance:+..
Model: BE-002268
XH-M604 Battery Charger Control Module DC 6-60V Storage Lithium Battery Charging Control Switch Protection BoardDescription:Input Voltage: DC 6-60VDisplay Accuracy:0.1VControl Accuracy:0.1VOutput Type: direct outputVoltage Tolerance:±0.1VApply For:6-60V MAX 80V batteryDimension:81*54*18mmUse: In the..
Model: BE-002355
XH-M609 DC voltage protection module Lithium battery under voltage loss, low power, disconnect output 6-60VDescription:Automatic shut off. Protection against discharges.Application Range: Storage Batteries; Lithium Batteries.Battery overdischarge protection module prolong battery life.Control accura..
Model: BE-002356
XY-WJ01 One-way Relay Module Delayed Power Off Disconnect Trigger Delay Cycle Timing Circuit SwitchModule highlights:1. With LCD display, the current mode and parameters are clear at a glance, very clear, simple and practical; 2. Support key trigger control, high and low level trigger, switch v..
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