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IR Board

IR Board
Model: BE-000344
DESCRIPTION:    1. Working voltage: 5 VDC. 2. Working current: 10-15 mA. 3. Drive current: 100 mA. 4. Induction distance: 3-50 cm. 5. Size: 17 x 45 mm. Connection: red take 5 V. green meet GND. yellow line output.  Through the sensors to adjust the knob on the back. induction ..
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Model: BE-000262
DESCRIPTION:This is Philips RC-5 code based IR remote. The RC-5 code from Philips is possibly the most used protocol by hobbyists, probably because of the wide availability of remote controls. The protocol is well defined for different device types ensuring compatibility with your whole entertai..
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Model: BE-000343
DESCRIPTION: Use for: The electricity meter pulse data sampling Fax machine. shredder paper detection Obstacle detection Black and white line detectionModule features:   Using infrared reflection sensors TCRT5000 Test reflection distance: 1mm to 25mm Clean and 3. the compar..
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Model: BE-000263
DESCRIPTION:1,Onboard VS1838B high sensitivity infrared receiving head2,Support 3-5 v input voltage3,On-board RC filter, work more stable4, Output matching TTL, CMOS level digital signal5 PCB size: 21.2 (mm) x9.3 (mm) ..
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