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Model: BE-001393
This is a programmer expansion shield that allows your Arduino board to modify the fuse bits and burn bootloader into external chip and other Arduino boards.--On-board buzzer and LED indicators, indicating whether the burning is successful, it is convenient for Arduino board designers to batch burni..
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Model: BE-000269
DESCRIPTION:The Analog Test Board is an accessory board includes an onboard Audio Power Amplifier LM386M, and two high-precision adjustable resistor used for adjusting input voltage level (0-3.3V, 2 channel), and a speaker for indicating the output voltage level by sound volume (1 chan..
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ARM Programmer USB JTAG ULINK2 Compatible Upgraded Version ARM Programmer USB JTAG ULINK2 Compatible Upgraded Version
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Model: BE-001440
Ulink 2 Programmer Board:Latest Upgraded version of the ULink emulator. Not only has the ULINK2 emulator all the features of ULINK, but also serial wire debug (SWD) support, Clock return support and features such as real-time agent. Conveniently carried out target hardware on-chip debugging (u..
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Mini ST-Link V2 stlink Emulator Downloader STM8 STM32 With Metal Shell
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Model: BE-000374
DESCRIPTION:  1. Support the full range of STM32 SWD interface debugging, simple interface (including power supply), 4 line speed, stable work; Interface definition shell directly address! Don't need to read instructions!     2. support all series STM8 SWIM download debugging (c..
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Model: BE-000354
DESCRIPTION:1. Stable support SignalTap II embedded logic analyzer function, catch data never caught a mess! ; 2. ALTERA company supports a full range of devices. Absolutely the whole series, do not worry about a device does not support!  CPLD: MAX3000, MAX7000, MAX9000 and MAXII etc. &n..
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Model: BE-000162
Description:  1.8 channels input; 2.Logical light indication: a small light indicate CHO electrical level; 3.Input feature:5PF,100K Ohm; 4.USB power supply; 5.Sampling rate can be seted as below: 24MHz. 16MHz, 12MHz, 8MHz, 4MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz, 500KHz, 250KHz, 200KHz, 100KHz, 50KH..
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Model: BE-001341
DESCRIPTION:USB Programmer Condition: New Support 24EEPROM and 25 SPI flash 8pin/16pin chip USB to TTL port, can getroot online With CH341A chip Recognize 25 series chip automatically And support download STC series procedure of singlechip With 24/25 status indicator lamp SPI ..
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