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DC DC Buck Convertor

Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002298
0 to 20mA/40mA to 0-3.3V 0-5V 0-10V Current to Voltage Converter Signal Conversion Module 0-20mA 4-20mA I/V TransmitterProduct introduction:In the process of circuit signal transmission, the voltage signal will become weaker as the transmission distance increases, and the current transmission can pr..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002472
This board adopts the principle of the common differential mode lc, which can suppress interference in the switching power supply or other dc power supply.Reduce the ripple of the power supply, and reduce the interference brought by the power supply.Can be used in low voltage (0 v 50 50 v) dc power ..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002360
1200W high power DC-DC boost constant voltage constant current adjustable car charging power module Input DC10-60V output 12-83VModule parameters: Module model: SZ-BT07CCCV-AModule name:1200W boost constant current module  Module properties:Non-isolated boost module (BOOST)Input volta..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002365
12V/24V to 5V dual socket 3A DC-DC car charging lithium battery charging board charger module + protection dual functionProduct Information:DC-DC USB voltage reduction charging module (with work indicator, standard contact gold plated&..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002248
20A 300W DC Buck Module Constant Current Adjustable Step-Down Converter CC CV Power Module High Power Module Buck ConverterIntroduction to synchronous rectification technology:Synchronous rectification is a new technology that uses a dedicated power MOSFET with very low on-resistance to replace the ..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002470
Description ·        The output voltage can be set to 5V/8V/12V, the default is 12V ·        Input voltage range: 2.5V~VOUT. The input voltage must be lower than the set output voltage ·    &n..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002102
400W 15A Step-up Boost Converter LED Driver 8.5-50V to 10-60V Voltage Constant Current ModuleDescription:Module name :400W boost constant current moduleModule properties: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)Input voltage: DC8.5V-50VInput current: 15A (MAX) exceeds 8A please enhance heat dissipationQu..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002145
4A 5.5-30V to 0.5-30VDC-DC with LCD Display Buck Boost Converter Automatic Adjustable Voltage Step Up DownFeatures:LCD input and output voltage, output current output power;Input anti-reverse protection, reverse connection will not burn;Can be step-up and step-down, the output voltage 0.5-30V arbitr..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002471
The DC-DC synchronous rectification step-down module has ultra-high conversion efficiency and low heat generationInput DC5.5~32V, stable output 5V 1A long-term work, no need to add heatThe pins are compatible with the LM7805 three-terminal voltage regulator block and can be replaced directlyThe inpu..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001755
1, small size: 22 * 18 * 10cm almost all mobile power shell can be easily installed2, full-featured: The market known as the mobile power modules are mostly single function, such as single boost, single charge, single protection, and this product includes boost, lithium battery smart charging, lithi..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001595
Module Properties: non-isolated buck module (BUCK) synchronous rectification Input voltage: DC 6-12V Output voltage: 5.1-5.2V Output current: 3A MAX Conversion efficiency: can up to 97.5% (6.5V step down to 5V 0.7A) (after short reverse protection and fuses test value)Switch frequency: 500KHz Output..
8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car Charger 8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car Charger
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Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001920
8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car ChargeFour-channel independent special charging management IC, can effectively support a variety of mobile phones to charge.High quality double gold plated USB port, the life is 2 times of ordinary USB .Supp..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001588
Description The Power Supply For Whole Isolation Type Industrial-grade Built-in Power Supply Module, Temperature Protection, Over Current Protection And Short Circuit Protection, AC 85 ~ 265v Wide Voltage Input, High And Low Voltage Isolation, 5V 1A \ DC12V 1A Dual Output Voltage Isolation, 431 Volt..
Adjustable Step-down Module Voltage and Ammeter 32V5A 160W CNC DC Stabilized Power Supply Adjustable Step-down Module Voltage and Ammeter 32V5A 160W CNC DC Stabilized Power Supply
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Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002376
Adjustable Step-down Module Voltage and Ammeter 32V5A 160W CNC DC Stabilized Power SupplyInput voltage range:6-40.00VOutput Power Range:0-160WOutput voltage range:0-32.00VOutput Current range:0-5.100ADimensions:85mm*58mm*31mmSupport Center distance:79mm、57mmOutput voltage setting and reading resolut..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002503
Description• Input: DC 4.5V--12V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage to 1V or more.)• Output:  5V, (load current must not exceed 800ma)• Dual panel design, layout nice• Specially designed two pin mounting holes, can be directly fixed on hole board for extended experiments• 5 i..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002551
Description • Input: 4.5 V DC - 7 V (input voltage must be higher than the output voltage) • Output: 3.3 V, 800 mA (The load current may not exceed 800mA) • AMS1117-3.3V Step-Down Converter pin out can be easy to connect with your MCU development and provide a constant power supply • The Volta..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001754
Input voltage: 6v-40v output voltage: 5v output current: 3a switching frequency: 150khz conversion efficiency: 92 percent working temperature: -40 to +85 degree centigradeThis module has short circuit protection diy mobile power supply, 5v output for charging phone, mp3, mp4, , etcColor: Red size: 5..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001593
One Channel input: DC 6V - 12V (input voltage must be output voltage higher than 1V or more.) Triple Output: 3.3V (+ - 0.05v error), 5.0V (+ - 0.05v error), 800mA (load current must not exceed 800ma), 12V (12V input directly to the output) Specially designed two pin mounting holes, can be directly f..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002128
DC-DC Power Supply Module 24V/12V to 5V 5A Converter 4 USB Fast ChargingThis module can be used for DIY modified cars, motorcycles, mobile power, battery USB charging port, to the phone, MP3 or other digital products charge, high efficiency, versatile!Not to say that the power module has 5A current,..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002515
Input voltage: DC 3.5~30VOutput voltage: DC 0.8~29VOutput current: 10A (MAX)Conversion efficiency: 92%Blue digital display, the static current is 2-8mA (depends on the tube status)Onboard voltmeter: It can display the input voltage and output voltage, pressing the button of bottom short press digita..
Digital Led Display 6V 12V 24V PWM DC Motor Controller Regulator Variable Speed Digital Led Display 6V 12V 24V PWM DC Motor Controller Regulator Variable Speed
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Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002831
Description   ·        CCM5D DC Motor Speed Regulator controls the speed of a DC motor by adjusting Pulse-Width-Modulated (PWM). ·        Large 0.56 inch 3-digit LED display numbers allow viewing under the most a..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001904
High Voltage Generator high Voltage Module Voltage Inverter Transformer Boost Module 3-6V 400KV..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-002502
Description• Ultra-thin, ultra-small, minimum volume in the industry• Universal input voltage ((90~245Vac)• Low power consumption, environmental protection, no-load loss <0.1W• Low ripple and low noise• Good output short circuit and over-current protection and self-recovery• High efficiency, high..
Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001378
Non-isolated step-up rectification: Non-synchronized rectification input range: Limits: 3-40 v, recommended values: 3 v-35 v output range: Limits: 5-45 v, recommended values: 5 v-40 v (via rotary potentiometer)Input current: Limits: 0-5a, recommended values: 0-3a conversion efficiency: Up to 94 perc..
LM2596HVS 60V 3A Buck Constant Current Voltage CC CV Step-Down Module
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Brand: xcluma Model: BE-001392
Type: DC/DC Constant Current / Constant Voltage Size: (L*W*H)4.80*2.40*1.4cm/1.89"*0.94"*0.55" **Input Voltage: 5V-57V input voltage must be higher 2V than the output voltage **Output Current: rated current 2.5A/ 3A MAX ( Heat-sink Needed) **Output Voltage: 1.25-30V (Adjustable)Output Power: 15w max..
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