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Infrared Remote


This is Philips RC-5 code based IR remote. The RC-5 code from Philips is possibly the most used protocol by hobbyists, probably because of the wide availability of remote controls. The protocol is well defined for different device types ensuring compatibility with your whole entertainment system. There are many libraries available for various embedded development environments like Arduino, etc. making it even simpler to use the RC-5 based IR remote for various projects ranging from Home Automation to controlling your Robotic Vehicle.


  • 5 bit address and 6 bit command length (7 command bits for RC5X)
  • Bi-phase coding (aka Manchester coding)
  • Carrier frequency of 36kHz
  • Constant bit time of 1.778ms (64 cycles of 36 kHz)
  • Manufacturer Philips

The protocol uses bi-phase modulation (or so-called Manchester coding) of a 36kHz IR carrier frequency. All bits are of equal length of 1.778ms in this protocol, with half of the bit time filled with a burst of the 36kHz carrier and the other half being idle. A logical zero is represented by a burst in the first half of the bit time. A logical one is represented by a burst in the second half of the bit time. The pulse/pause ratio of the 36kHz carrier frequency is 1/3 or 1/4 which reduces power consumption.

NOTE: Requires AA batteries, which are not included. The same needs to be purchased separtely from local shops.

NOTE: The manufacturer and the layout of the item keeps on changing and may differ from the images shown above, but the basic functionality remains the same.

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