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MOC3041 Zero Cross Triac Driver Optocoupler

The MOC3041, MOC3042 and MOC3043 devices consist of gallium arsenide infrared emitting diodes optically coupled to a monolithic silicon detector performing the function of a Zero Voltage Crossing bilateral triac driver. They are designed for use with a triac in the interface of logic systems to equipment powered from 115 Vac lines, such as solid–state relays, industrial
controls, motors, solenoids and consumer appliances, etc.


  • Solenoid/valve controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Static power switches
  • AC motor drives
  • Temperature controls
  • E.M. contactors
  • AC motor starters
  • Solid state relays
  • Simplifies logic control of 115 VAC power
  • Zero voltage crossing
  • dv/dt of 2000 V/µs typical, 1000 V/µs guaranteed
  • VDE recognized

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