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2000W 40A 9-50V DC motor speed control PWM RC Motor Fan Control w case

2000W 40A 9-50V DC motor speed control PWM RC Motor Fan Control w case
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002832
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• When delivering, the potentiometer is removed and put into the shell, so as to prevent damage to the product during transportation.
• when wiring, pay attention to the power supply positive and negative must not reverse connection, reverse connection is equivalent to a short circuit, the current is very large, will instantly burn out the governor. Please follow the instructions beside the terminal.
• The governor is a dc governor and the power supply must be within 9-50v.

• Voltage: DC10V-DC50V
• Control rate: 0.01-2000W (maximum current: 40A)
• Different voltage corresponds to different power rate
• 12V-480W (MAX)
• voltage. Power 24V-960W (MAX)
• Voltage 36V-1440W (MAX)
• Voltage 40V-1600W (MAX)
• Voltage 50V-2000W (MAX)
• Quiescent Current: 0.025A
• PWM Duty Cycle: 5%- 100%
• PWM frequency: 15kHz
• Operating temperature: -20
This product is suitable for speed control of universal DC motors, production lines, conveyor belts, exhaust pipe fans, treadmills and so on.
Main USES:
• all kinds of general dc brush motor speed
• Speed regulation of motors for various types of automobiles (speed regulation of automobile cooling fan, automobile fan, automobile wiper motor and automobile air conditioner fan)
• Speed regulation of production line conveyor belt, pipeline exhaust fan, treadmill, parallel speed regulation of multiple computer fans and electronic fans.
• Dimming of various dc bulbs and temperature adjustment of various dc heaters.


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