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5 Channel Tracking Sensor Module Board Trace Module Infrared Detection

5 Channel Tracking Sensor Module Board Trace Module Infrared Detection
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-000938
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BFD-1000 specifically designed for use as a black (white) line finding, especially for complex black and white line, cross black and white line detection, it has 6 high sensitivity infrared sensor (5 road patrol line, a road barrier shield), black and white line to the accurate recognition, it has the following functions and features:

Tracking of complex black (white line) in 1.BFD-1000 integrated 5 high sensitivity tracking sensor, for environmental impact is small, can accurately, for the simple black line tracking more do a job with skill and ease.

2.BFD-1000 integrated a road barrier infrared sensor, barrier distance can be adjusted by sliding rheostat.

3.BFD-1000 has a specially designed touch sensor, which makes the design of the round and round robot more simple.

4.BFD-1000 output signal is all digital signal (high and low), convenient and connected with the mcu.

5.BFD-1000 all sensor output status has LED light as an indication, easy to debug.

6.BFD-1000 support voltage for 3.0-5.5v to meet the needs of most systems.

7 the high sensitivity of the sensor, the tracking range can be any changes between 0.5mm-40mm and do not need to make any adjustments.


Technical parameters:

  • Detection distance: 0-4 cm (black line sensor) 0-5 cm (adjustable distance detection)
  • Input voltage: 3.0-5.5V
  • Output mode: digital output (high or low level)

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