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ISD1760 voice board voice module sound module onboard microphone recording

ISD1760 voice board voice module sound module onboard microphone recording
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  • An on-board chip ISD1760
  • on-board microphone. you can record directly
  • can be 75 seconds or so voice recording
  • with recording.Erase.Play .FT straight . fast forward . reset.Volume control and other functions
  • the chip has led major pin can be controlled by the micro controller operation
  • high-quality natural voice restored . the module can be used as propaganda
  • the working voltage : 5V
  • board size : 49 (mm) x41.5 (mm)


Key Description

1 . Recording REC:
Press and hold the REC key while LED lights up . this time facing the MIC speak. speak content will be recorded into the ISD1700 voice chip in it.
After recording some lift this key . LED will also turn off . press again to start recording the second paragraph . after paragraphs were operating .
2 . Playback PLAY:
There are two ways . edge-triggered and level-triggered . ( Note : After recording playback pointer will stay in the starting address of the last segment of the finished recording . playback at this time is to put the last paragraph )
( 1 ) Edge : Click the PLAY button that put the current segment . LED flashes during playback until the playback ends off. Playback after playback pointer to the end of the start address of the segment just put in . click the PLAY button will put just finished put this again.
( 2 ) Level Trigger: the chip will often press the PLAY button all Play all voice messages . and this cycle until you release the button .
3 . Fast forward FWD:
Before performing playback operation . click this button playback pointer will point to the next section . double-click the starting point to the second paragraph after paragraph . Click this button during playback to stop playback of the current segment and then play the next paragraph. if the last paragraph is currently playing . stop playing the last paragraph of play in the first paragraph .
Single segment erase operation can only be effective on the first and last paragraph . when the playback pointer is the first or the last paragraph . the key point here is to erase the first or the last paragraph . Playback cursor will jump to the corresponding second or penultimate paragraph before erasing . Normally this key more than 3 seconds chips into the " Erase all modes of operation ." while LED lights flash twice. continue pressing this button . LED blinks off after 7 under . then release the button . voice messages within the chip is All erased.
5. Reset RESET:
Click this button to reset the chip to perform the operation . After reset. play and record pointer points to the last paragraph . that the last paragraph of the playback pointer to start recording a pointer to the last paragraph of the last . Run the playback is played in the last paragraph . the last paragraph and then execute it to start recording a new record last paragraph .
6. Tuning VOL:
Click this button to adjust the size of the chip output sound. The default is the maximum sound output of the chip . according to every tap. sound attenuation by 4db . Until the smallest sound . continue to click this button . press each click. the sound increases 4db ( Note: After the reset . the sound output is the maximum ) .
7 . FT pass through operations :
The FT pin and GND shorted. will continue to remain low start pass through mode . Pass through operations will have direct access voice output from the speaker or AUD Analn end . During recording. if you press the FT. will also record Analn into voice signal.


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