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OEP30W Mono Digital Power Amplifier Board Module Class D

OEP30W Mono Digital Power Amplifier Board Module Class D
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  • Model: BE-002405
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Product description


  • Output short circuit protection
  • Mini small size, easy to install
  • Can be differential input (need to cut off the circuit designated parts)


  • Power amplifier board power, the hand can not touch the board components on the pin, because the human interference signal interference digital amplifier timing, resulting in damage to the chip, as well as the human body with a strong case of static breakdown of components, the human body static The basic knowledge of harm we still want to popularize the next.
  • The power supply voltage to be stable, as far as possible the use of switching power supply and battery power, if the power ripple is too serious, you can add capacitance filter. Battery-powered without additional capacitor filtering. Power supply must not exceed the board operating voltage, or burn the chip, digital amplifier special Jiaoqi, better than analog power amplifier, work completely different.
  • 8 ohm speakers basically do not need to add heat sink, less than 8 ohm speakers, if the chip temperature is higher than 60 degrees, due to immediately stop working, plus heat sink fan, otherwise the temperature will immediately burn the chip.

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