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PIC16F72 Minimum System Development Board

PIC16F72 Minimum System Development Board
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-001445
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28 PIN PIC16F72 chip as the PIC Microchip Development Board. PIC16F72 has the following resources: 25 I/O port, 12 interrupt, 11 channel 8 AD (Analog-Digital) conversion, two 8-bit timer, a 16-bit timer, 128 bytes SRAM, addressable universal synchronous/asynchronous transceiver, 2048 words of flash program memory.

(1) all I/O mouth raises, convenient user external other peripherals.
(2) 8 MHZ onboard crystals.
(3) onboard power light.
(4) on-board reset button.
(5) MicroUSB mini interface
(6) lead to burn write interface convenient for users to download debugging program.
(7) Board size = 37 mm * 32 mm 

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