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TAS5630 2.1 high power digital amplifier board Class D 300W + 150W + 150W 

TAS5630 2.1 high power digital amplifier board Class D 300W + 150W + 150W 
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TAS5630 2.1 high power digital amplifier board Class D 300W + 150W + 150W 
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The OPA1632 is a fully differential amplifier used to drive high-performance audio analog-to-digital conversion (ADCs). The highest audio quality , which provides very low noise and output drivers , this application is optimized for the design of the OPA1632 excellent gain bandwidth of 180MHz 50V / μs and very fast slew rate , produce very low distortion 0.000022%. enter very low noise 1.3nV / √Hz further ensure a maximum signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range . Fully differential structural flexibility , can easily achieve a fully differential output single-ended conversion . differential output reduction even harmonics ,to reduce common mode noise interference OPA1632 provides excellent performance ADCs high performance audio PCM1804. drives , such as when using the stop function is also enhanced TheTAS5630 is an integrated analog input 300W stereo (600W total) Class D amplifier that provides up to 300W stereo from a single supply 50V to a 4-ohm speaker with a traditional Class AB amplifier Performance0.03% THD) and Class D amplifier power efficiency.It has SNR greater than 100dB, PSRR is 80dB, power level efficiency up to 88%, Texas Instruments TI industry's highest power Class D amplifier -

The main filter electrolytic capacitor using nichicon brand, capacity 470 UF / 100V * 4 , to  ensure a strong stream of dynamic support.

Resistance selection of five-ring metal resistance, the main circuit with ± 1% accuracy of the five-ring metal film resistors to ensure a good signal to noise ratio.

Using a full-shielded high-current inductor to ensure that the sound crisp and powerful.

PCB with 1.6mm thick double-sided plate, 2.0 oz thick copper, tin spray the whole process to ensure the size of the current through the performance of good. First-class PCB quality. 


  • Work: Class D
  • Quiescent current: 65mA
  • Work efficiency: 88%
  • Output power: 300W + 2 * 150W / 4 Europe 10% THD 
  • Frequency response: 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Dynamic range:   > 100 dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: 100dB (A-Weighted)
  • Operating voltage: DC48V
  • PCB size: 150 * 95MM
  • Potentiometer function: from left to right 1. Subwoofer volume 2. Left and right channel treble 3. Left and right channel volume 4. Total volume

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