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TF card U disk MP3 Format decoder board module amplifier decoding audio Player

TF card U disk MP3 Format decoder board module amplifier decoding audio Player
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  • Model: BE-000300
  • Weight: 11.00g
(GST +18%Extra)
  • Superior sound quality.Onboard 2W amplifier(5V power of up to 3W) is directly connected to the speaker (recommendation 4 ω 3W speakers),3.5mm gold plated headphone jack can connect with headphones or external audio.
  • With a MicroUSB port.Through the mobile phone data line can use mobile power supply or the USB cable to charge the MP3 battery,also can use 3.7V lithium battery,or USB 5V power supply.
  • Support TF Card (mobile phone memory card) and U disk play mode.
  • No soldering with speaker terminals for easy wiring.
  • The module is designed to facilitate modification.
Product  Overview:
  • Support MP3 format, playing power on automatically.When mp3 is played the red LED flashes.
  • Support U disk (test 32G), TF Card (test 16G) play mode; power on default TF card mode, if the TF card does not exist automatically jump to the U disk mode,and both devices have installed,then you can manually set the play mode.For details please see the key operating instructions.
  • Buttons can be adjusted up and down to control songs,volume up and down, pause or play, mode switching.For details please see the key operating instructions.
  • Press menu button enter the single/all song play mode.The default mode  is the all song mode when power up.Pressing the Repeat button can replace the circulating mode.
Key  Operating  Instructions:
  • "Prev / V--" button: "Press" for switching previous song, "long press" for volume down
  • "Next/v++" button: "Press" for switching next song, "long press" for volume up.
  • "P / P / Mode" button: "Press" for the "Play/Pause" Switch, "long press" for U disk, TF card mode.
  • "Repeat" button: "Press" for “single/all song" mode(no long press)
"Long press" approximate 2S.
If you use U disk mode, it is recommended 5V power supply, and some U disk does not support 3.7V power supply.
Product  Specifications:
Power range: 3.7~5.5V
Product size: 45mm*36mm
Exquisite double board design, large area of copper, stable and reliable.

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