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4-way fast charge module 12V 24V to QC3.0 fast charge Single USB mobile phone charging board

4-way fast charge module 12V 24V to QC3.0 fast charge Single USB mobile phone charging board
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002499
  • Weight: 38.00g
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(GST +18%Extra)
• Built-in synchronous switch step-down converter chip
• Input voltage range: 4.5V to 32V (The input voltage must be higher than the output voltage because it is a voltage drop module)
• Output voltage range: 3V to 12V, automatically adjusted according to the fast charge protocol
• Output power: maximum 24W (4V@3.6A, 5V@3.4A, 9V@2.5A, 12V@2A, etc.)
• Wired output voltage compensation
• The output has CV/CC characteristics (output current is less than the set value, output CV mode; output current is greater than the set value, output CC mode)
• The conversion efficiency is up to 97%
• 220Khz switching frequency

Output fast charge
• Support BC1.2
• Support Qualcomm QC2.0 and QC3.0
• Support MTK PE1.1/PE2.0
• Support Huawei Fast Charge Protocol FCP
• Support Samsung Quick Charge Agreement AFC
• Support Spread rum fast charge protocol SFCP

Multiple protection, high reliability
• 1. Output overcurrent, input overvoltage, input under voltage, output short circuit protection
• 2. The over-temperature protection of the whole machine
• 3. ESD 4KV, DC withstand voltage 48V

• Car chargers, fast charging adapters, smart power strips, solar chargers, and other four USBs all support the fast-charging protocol and can output 5V 9V 12V voltage.
• The USB output voltage depends on your device. The output voltage of different devices is different.
• The conventional USB output voltage is 5V. It can output different fast charging voltages according to the QC protocol.
• The general fast charging voltage of mobile phones is 9V 12V, and some devices support 5V high current fast charging.
• Small current charging for d

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