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0. 56-Inch AC AC80-380V Two-Wire Digital Display AC Voltmeter, Blue

0. 56-Inch AC AC80-380V Two-Wire Digital Display AC Voltmeter, Blue
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-001571
  • Weight: 75.00g
  • SKU: BE-001571
  • MPN: BE-001571
(GST +18%Extra)
  • Voltmeter measuring range ac80-500v,
  • can be used for ac 110v, 220v, 380v ac voltage measurement the voltage meter only two wires, wiring is simple, reliable performance use 056-inch led digital display, showing a clear and dazzling
  • Precautions : Due to the existence of high-voltage circuit board on the back of the voltmeter, touch the circuit board or parts have the risk of electric shock, it is not recommended for electronic enthusiasts and ordinary consumers to use the voltage meter capacitor buck, can not be used in electronic speed control, scr dimming, ups, or other high-frequency components, non-sine wave of the occasion, or easy to burn
  • The voltage meter is not dampproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-oil treatment
  • Technical parameters: Measuring range: Ac80-500v hole size: 46x27mm
  • minimum input: Ac80v (below the minimum voltage measurement is not accurate or not displayed)
  • lead length: 20cm 
  • maximum input: Ac380v (above this voltage there is a danger of burning)
  • allowable error: 1 percent (+/- 1 word) display: Three 056 "led digital tube display
  • refresh rate: About 200ms / time current
  • consumption: Less than 20ma, usually 5-15ma
  • operating temperature: -10  ~ 65 c
  • color: Blue

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