-32 % AC 80V - 300V 100A Single Phase 4 in 1 AC Voltmeter Ammeter Power Energy Meter Kwh Color Screen LED Display Single Phase
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Range: AC voltage: AC 80-300V AC current: AC 0-99.99A, minimum resolution is 0.01A.Display 100.0A when the current is over 100A Active power: 0-45000W. resolution is 0.1W (< 0-9999.9W ), otherwise Minimum resolution is 1W.
  • Electric energy: 0-9999999Kwh 0-9999.999kwh
  • minimum resolution is 0.001kwh 10000.00-99999.99kwh minimum resolution is 0.01kwh 100000.0-999999.9kwh minimum resolution is 0.1kwh The rest minimum resolution is 1Kwh.
  • Speed: 2 times per second
  • Size: 79x43x48mm
  • Installation Size: 76*39mm
  • Auto-saving: When power off, the electric energy will be saved. The saved electric energy will be accumulated continued when the meter power-on next time. 

  • "1. The voltage input will connect to green terminal and the current transformer will connect to blue terminal. block can not be connected incorrectly, otherwise the instrument will be damaged! ! !
  • 2. This instrument is only suitable for pure AC 50-60HZ mains power supply, can not be used for square wave, inverter output and modified wave circuit measurement, otherwise the instrument will be damaged! ! !
  • 3. During the process of installing the instrument, remember not to squeeze the LCD screen of the instrument, otherwise garbled/broken code will occur! !! 4. Many buyers responded: How is the data I tested wrong, voltage * current = power,
  • the actual test power is less than the voltage * current, why?
  • A: there are three types of power: active power (P for / unit W), reactive power (Q for / unit Var), and apparent power (S for / Unit VA). Here only the active power,The calculation formula of active power is: P=U*I*cosφ, cosφ represents power factor, and the power factor of pure resistive load is generally close to 1, and the inductive and capacitive load load power factor is Between 0-1; the power factor of each appliance is different.

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AC 80V - 300V 100A Single Phase 4 in 1 AC Voltmeter Ammeter Power Energy Meter Kwh Color Screen LED Display Single Phase

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