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  • The blade is made from high grade Silicon - Manganese steel, which no other make uses. This steel gives spring effect also.
  • The blade is differentially hardened & tempered to resist wear, bending and meet high torque requirement.
  • Hardness on tip: 55 to 58 HRC. Other makes offer much less hardness on tip. Higher the hardness higher is the wear resistance.
  • The blade tip is magnetized to lift small screw etc. from confined spaces or to hold the screw in position
  • The handle is made from high grade CA Plastic, which is non-flammable and unaffected by oil, petrol, grease, water - practically anything.
  • The handle can stand any rough use, even hammering.
  • The tip is precision - ground to 100 angle, which ensures firm grip in the screw slot.
  • Bright & smooth Nickel Chrome plating finish effectively protects blade against corrosion.
  • The handle is precisely designed to give comfortable grip even at higher torque.

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