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W24257 winbond 32K X 8 CMOS STATIC RAM


The W24257 is a slow speed, low power CMOS static RAM organized as 32768 ´8 bits that operates on a single 5-volt power supply. This device is manufactured using  Winbond's high performance CMOS technology.

·  Low power consumption:
-  Active: 325 mW (max.)
-  Standby: 75 mW (max.) (LL-version)
                150 mW (max.) (L-version)
·  Access time: 70 nS (max.)
·  Single +5V power supply
·  Fully static operation
·  All inputs and outputs directly TTL compatible
·  Three-state outputs
·  Battery back-up operation capability
·  Data retention voltage: 2V (min.)

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