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1200W DC-DC CC CV high-power step up module solar charging 12-80V 20A

1200W DC-DC CC CV high-power step up module solar charging 12-80V 20A
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Large heat sink design (length 85MM * wide 62MM * high 64MM), and do black oxidation (black oxidation heat effect is excellent). Support 12-60V wide input voltage, 12-80V adjustable wide output voltage, ultra-low input and output differential pressure.

 Output constant current way, do not miss oh! (Current Taobao similar module current regulation can only adjust the input current, so this can only be used when the input over-current protection, and can not control the output current, only the output current adjustable is the real constant current)


  •     Module name: 1200 W boost constant current module  
  •     Module nature: non-isolated step-up module (BOOST)
  •     Input voltage: 8-60V
  •     Input current: 20A 
  •     Static operating current: 15mA (12V liters 20V, the higher the output voltage will be too much static too much)
  •     Output voltage: 12-80V continuously adjustable

                      12-80V adjustable

  •     Output current: 20 A MAX more than 18A Please strengthen the heat (with the input and output pressure, the greater the difference in output current smaller)
  •    Constant current range:. Big 20A
  •    Output power: = input voltage * 20A, such as: input 12V * 20A = 240W, input 24V * 20A = 480W,

                    Input 36V * 10A = 720W, input 48V * 20A = 960W, input 60V * 20A = 1200W

                    For more power, you can use two modules in parallel, such as the output to 30A, you can use two modules in parallel,

                    The current of each module can be transferred to 15A.

  •     Operating temperature: - 40 ~ +85 degrees (ambient temperature is too high, please strengthen the heat)
  •     Operating frequency: 150KHz
  •     Conversion efficiency:. 95% higher (efficiency and input, output voltage, current, pressure related)
  •     Overcurrent protection: Yes (with current limiting current regulation, adjustable output current limit, current exceeds current limit, automatic reduction of output current to. Small value 5A, according to the load nature of the current will be different.   
  •     Short circuit protection: Yes (input 20A fuse)   Dual short circuit protection, use safer.
  •     Input Reverse Protection: None, (if required, enter the string into the diode)
  •     Output anti-anti-irrigation: Yes, for charging do not need to add anti-anti-diode.
  •     Installation: 4 3mm screws
  •     Wiring method: terminal- free solder output
  •     Module size: length 85mm wide 63mm high 64mm

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