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8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car Charger

8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car Charger
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  • Model: BE-001920
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8V - 35V Turn 5V 8A Power Supply Step-Down Module 4 Port USB Output Android Apple Mobile car Charge
  • Four-channel independent special charging management IC, can effectively support a variety of mobile phones to charge.High quality double gold plated USB port, the life is 2 times of ordinary USB .
  • Support mobile phone, digital camera, tablet computer, navigation, vehicle data recorder and other USB powered equipment.It can charge 4 mobile phones at the same time, maximum 2A for single USB, total 8A for 4 channels.
  • Input uses MOS tube reverse connect protection, maximum increases the conversion efficiency and reduces the loss.Output has over voltage protection.Four high quality SMD capacitors and large capacity MLCC capacitor, lower output ripple.
  • Ultra wide 8-35V input voltage, can perfect support 12V and 24V cars.Various types of input and output methods, support terminal input, DC input, output support 4*USB output, terminal output 5V.
  • Synchronous rectification scheme can effectively reduce heat, improve efficiency and highest efficiency can reach 96%.Advanced flat choke coil large current inductor, less heat, high conversion efficiency.
  • Specifications:
  • Input Voltage: 8-35VDC
    Input Current: 5.5A
    Output Voltage: 5.2V
    Output Current: 8A
    Dynamic Response Speed: 300us (load current change 5%)
    Conversion Efficiency: 95% (12V to 5.2V3.5A measured, efficiency is related to voltage difference and load size)
    Load Regulation: 0.2-0.3% (10%-50% load 12V input measured)
    Ripple & Noise:120mVP-P(20MHz bandwidth 12V 5.2V 3A measured)
    Switching Frequency: 100KHz
    No-Load Current: 18mA(12V car 5V measured)
    Fixation Method: M3*1, M2*2
    Size: 54mm (length) * 39mm (width) * 21mm (height) (including USB port)

    Pin indication:
    VIN+ input positive, GND common ground, OUT+ output positive
    Do not use overvoltage and overload, otherwise it will damage the battery and power supply.
    The module can only step down and cannot boost, and cannot supply power to electrical equipment higher than the input voltage.
    Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation when working for a long time, high current, high power and full load to extend the service life of the power supply.
    Do not work at full load for a long time. Please keep 20% margin when working continuously. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation.

    Manual measurement, with small error. Please check size in detail before purchase.
    Real colors may slightly differ from the pictures, as it depends on specific monitor settings and light brightness.

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