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36V 48V 350W E-bike Brushless Motor Controller

36V 48V 350W E-bike Brushless Motor Controller
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002390
  • Weight: 280.00g
  • SKU: BE-002390
  • MPN: BE-002390
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Product description

Anti-coaster features
Overcurrent protection
Automatic identification the 36V and 48V
Automatic identification the Hall sensor
Automatic identification the Phase angle of 60 degrees and  120 degrees
Low level/E-ABS brake
High level/E-ABS brake
Applicable model: electric bicycle, electric scooter

1.The motor has strong climbing ability and low motor running noise, eliminating tire    noise and It can suitable for hall motors, wave motors and rectangular motors
2.This item is a brushless motor controller, it can provide steady speed and sensitive control of breaking and direction changes.
3.The drive motor has  thicker copper bars with higher inductance accuracy, smoother starting, and more comfortable riding.
4.The interfaces have instruction labels on them for your easy installation. Suitable for electric bicycles, scooter, etc
5.Circuit board solution and main program replacement. We can replace the capacitor and power tube as well with this.

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