74LS74 SN74LS74AN Dual JK Flip Flop
  • Two independent Negative Edge Triggered JK Flip-Flops
  • Standard Pin Arrangement
  • Fast Switching Times
  • Operating Temperature up to 70oC
  • Standard TTL Switching Voltages
General Description:
This device contains two independent positive-edge-triggered D flip-flops with complementary outputs. The information on the D input is accepted by the flip-flops on the positive going edge of the clock pulse. The triggering occurs at a voltage level and is not directly related to the transition time of the rising edge of the clock. The data on the D input may be changed while the clock is LOW or HIGH without affecting the outputs as long as the data setup and hold times are not violated. A low logic level on the preset or clear inputs will set or reset the outputs regardless of the logic levels of the other inputs.

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74LS74 SN74LS74AN Dual JK Flip Flop

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