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8A DC-DC Step up Booster Power supply Converter Module Boost board

8A DC-DC Step up Booster Power supply Converter Module Boost board
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-001505
  • Weight: 41.00g
  • MPN: BE-001505
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  • super current carrying capacity (maximum 8 A), to provide the strong power to your device!
  • Tight layout, limited space for you to make the biggest concessions
  • Additional radiator, no longer worry about equipment and higher temperature


  • Can be used as a solar battery charging modules, constant voltage charging of battery group
  • As the vehicle power supply, for your laptop or power supply all kinds of digital products
  • Can serve as your car communication powersupply, no longer worry about without 24 power supply


  • The isolation booster module
  • The highest conversion efficiency:96%
  • Input voltage:6~32(max 35V)
  • Output voltage: 6~42(max 52V)
  • Maximum input current: 8A
  • maximum current output: 5A
  • Static working current: 15mA
  • Power :70W
  • To adapt to the environment:-40~+85℃
  • Working frequency: 150KHz


  • Adopt high-frequency electrolytic capacitor reduce the ripple value, more stable output voltage;
  • Provide reverse connect protection, avoid the equipment damage caused by incorrect operation;
  • Stops booster, soft short circuit protection, short circuit, automatic recovery when short circuit faults remove;
  • With access to electricity, the LED indicator light, easy to understand
  • way to install:4*M3 screw
  • Connection mode: welding output terminals free
  • Module size: 30 mm high 20 mm long 60 mm wide


  • The input voltage is greater than 5 v, only is greater than the start voltage to work properly;
  • Input current is greater than 1 a, the input current is too small easy to cause the power short circuit alarm by mistake;
  • Should be fixed to use, to prevent improper operation to get an electric shock

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