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Brushless Motor Intelligent dual mode 48V 64V 800W Controller for Electric Vehicle bike scooter erickshaw

Brushless Motor Intelligent dual mode 48V 64V 800W Controller for Electric Vehicle bike scooter erickshaw
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·         Item type: Smart Dual Mode Electric Vehicle Controller

·         Material: aluminium

·         Colour: silver, Rated Power: 800Watt

·         Rated Voltage: 48V/64V

·         Low Voltage : 41V/52V±0.5V,Limit Current: 36A



·         This controller can work with and without hall sensor

·         Aluminium material

·         The case of the speed controller is made of thicken aluminium material, sturdy, anti-rust, high temperature resistant but features good heat dissipation

·         High temperature resistant wire

·         The power wire is made of quality material, high temperature resistant, and corrosion resistant, making you use this product safely.
Screw design
Every screw is fixed on the controller by waterproof thermal conductive glue, which can protect the inside wire and accessories from water splashing.
Intelligent chip
Built-in 256-byte and two 16-bit timer calculators is perfectly matching the motor speed controller, so as to improve the efficiency and speed.
Scope of application
This speed controller is suitable for two-wheeled vehicle and three-wheeled vehicle

Controller function:
1.Display line
2.Motor line
3.Anti-theft power line
4.Throttle line
5.Anti-theft alarm line
6.3-speed line(standard: 60%-80%-100%)
7.Hall line
8.Reverse line
9.High brake line
10.Low brake line
11.Self-learning line
12.Cruise line
13.Battery line(red: battery+, black: battery-)
14.Electric lock line

Connect the motor line
Connect the battery line(red:+ , black:-)
Connect the throttle line.
Connect controller electric lock line to throttle electric lock line
if throttle without electric lock line, Connect to battery +
Connect the hall line.
Docking the two self-learning lines, twist throttle, the wheel will forward or reverse.(a.if wheel forward ,Separate the self-learning line.
b.if wheel reverse, Separate the self-learning line. then Docking the self-learning line again. if wheel forward ,Separate the self-learning line.)


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