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12V to 220V 35W DC AC Boost Inverter Module Dual Channel Inverse Converter

12V to 220V 35W DC AC Boost Inverter Module Dual Channel Inverse Converter
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002757
  • Weight: 34.00g
  • SKU: BE-002757
  • MPN: BE-002757
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  • Output DC and AC dual output, can output DC and AC voltage, fully compatible with all kinds of electric appliances
  • Without connecting wires, you need to solder the input and output wires yourself.
  • Instructions for use: This product can convert the DC power of 8V-13V battery into 220V AC power for household use, and DC output dual output.
  • This product is the latest 4 generation booster module and step-up transformer. Input 12V DC, the other end can get 220V AC, and 220V DC voltage. The frequency is high frequency and the output power is larger, which can drive 40W energy-saving lamps.
  • Best fit 220V actual power consumption 0.1W to 40W energy-saving lamps! Compatible with 21W-50W energy-saving lamps; brightness is about 40W after startup
  • Product use voltage DC12V: Inverter output voltage AC220V maximum power output 36 watts; actual power consumption 40W
  • Can be used for household appliances within 40W; low power; can be used in parallel; automatically change current
  • Note: Please test the output voltage with load, and it is easy to burn the voltmeter with no load.
  • Power available: AC220V 0.1W-40W



·        Input DC 12V, 220V AC can be obtained at the other end

·        High frequency, higher output power, can drive 0W energy saving lamps

·        This is a boost module, step up transformer

·        Stable output voltage, high efficiency, low heat

·        This module can convert 8V-13V DC voltage to household 220V AC voltage

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