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LM2596HVS 60V 3A Buck Constant Current Voltage CC CV Step-Down Module

LM2596HVS 60V 3A Buck Constant Current Voltage CC CV Step-Down Module
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-001392
  • Weight: 30.00g
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  • Type: DC/DC Constant Current / Constant Voltage Size: (L*W*H)4.80*2.40*1.4cm/1.89"*0.94"*0.55" **Input Voltage: 5V-57V input voltage must be higher 2V than the output voltage **Output Current: rated current 2.5A/ 3A MAX ( Heat-sink Needed) **Output Voltage: 1.25-30V (Adjustable)
  • Output Power: 15w max at maximum voltage **Output short circuit protection: Yes, constant current (constant current setting values)**Input reverse polarity protection: Yes, **Constant current range: 0.2-3A (adjustable, default transferred 1A) **Turn lamp current: constant current value * (0.1), turn the lamp current constant current value Linkage
  • Benefits: **Stepless adjustment of the output voltage **Stepless adjustment of the output current **LED indicator, Red under load / Green on load free **Multiturn potentiometer with long life **Up to 1.5V (Typ. 1.16V) difference between the input and output voltages
  • Up to 2.5A output current,No need additional cooling to 2.2A **Very low power consumption at idle, about 10mA (0.01) **Temperature protection **Input voltage to 60V **High stability of the output voltage **High frequency DC/DC conversion, leading to size reduction of the device
  • Application: **Charger for all batteries in the range 1.23V ~ 28V, only set the precise battery voltage and charging current **High conversion when used in car **Adjustable laboratory voltage source **LED driver with constant current **Dimming devices

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