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MCU TTL To RS485 Module 485 Serial UART Port Switching Control Flow

MCU TTL To RS485 Module 485 Serial UART Port Switching Control Flow
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  • Brand: xcluma
  • Model: BE-002814
  • Weight: 9.00g
  • SKU: BE-002814
  • MPN: BE-002814
(GST +18%Extra)
  • RS485, TTL signals of all single-sided cord, ensure signal quality, improve signal integrity
  • With 2.54 pitch hole plate welding holes, convenient for your secondary development
  • With M3 screw holes that are quite commonly used at present, easy and reliable installation
  • The working temperature of industrial grade chips can reach -40℃ to +85℃.
  • support 3.3V and 5V signal control system, compatibility stronger
  • With 120Ω termination resistance, short-circuit R16 to enable termination resistance
  • All chips are guaranteed to be imported industrial-grade chips, and the ultra-long-distance transmission can reach thousands of kilometres.
  • ESD protection with plus or minus 15KV
  • The chip has a limited slew rate driver to minimize EMI and reduce signal reflections caused by improper terminal matching cables, so that the error-free signal transmission rate is as high as 500Kbps.
  • The input impedance of the receiver with 1/4-unit load supports multi-machine communication and allows connection to a bus of up to 128 devices.
  • This module can be hot-swapped, and there will be no signal bolting phenomenon caused by hot-plugging of other 485 chips.
  • The power supply uses chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors, and double capacitors are used for high and low frequency power supply filtering.
  • Using dual transient suppression diodes, the overvoltage protection performance is better.
  • Use 10Ω current protection resistors, patch design to improve 485 signal integrity.
  • With terminals and welding lead holes, it is convenient to debug and finalize the wiring.
  • Welding leads can improve signal reliability
  • Large area copper laying to prevent signal interference
  • With power supply and RXD, TXD signal indicator, the receiving and sending status can be seen at glance
  • Lead-out pin is easy to test


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