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Nokia 5110 based Graphical LCD Display


This is LCD Graphics Display is straight forward to hook up and quick to get running with your Arduino or other microcontroller. At only 1.72' x 1.72', this display is easy to integrate into just about any project. The bright blue or white LED backlight illuminates the display from either edge.


  • 84 x 48 Pixels
  • Bright LED Backlight
  • SPI Serial Interface
  • Duplicate solder pads on the top and bottom of the module
  • 3.3V Logic and Power
  • Extensive Graphics Library for Arduino available for download on the internet.

This module requires both 3.3VDC Power and uses 3.3V Logic - To interface this module with the 5 Volt Logic of an Arduino, we suggest our NTE4050B Non-Inverting Buffer Chip.

LCD module connection with Arduino (LCD pin – Arduino pin):

  • RST – Pin 3
  • CE – Pin 4
  • D/C – Pin 5
  • DIN – Pin 6
  • CLK – Pin 7
  • VCC – 3.3v
  • LIGHT – Pin 13
  • GND – GND

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