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USB 5V 1A Wireless Power Supply Module mobile phone wireless charging module for diy

USB 5V 1A Wireless Power Supply Module mobile phone wireless charging module for diy
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  • Model: BE-002476
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• This product is designed for wireless charging and power supply development of various series of small electronic products
• It has the characteristics of small size, easy to use, high efficiency and low price
• It is mainly suitable for mobile electronic products such as mobile phones and game consoles, fish tank, MP3, MP4, adult products, digital cameras, electric razors, learning machines, medical, underwater supplies and other products
• Due to the use of contactless charging power supply, the product can be completely sealed, waterproof and dustproof; Increase product life and ease of use.

Module Main Parameters:
• Transmitter module size: length 17mm width 11mm height 2.5mm
• Receiver module size: length 24mm width 10mm height 5.5mm
• Transmitting and receiving coil size: outer diameter 38mm inner diameter 28mm thickness 1.3mm
• Connection method: 1 pin connected to the negative pole of the power supply; 2 feet connected to the positive pole of the power supply; 3 and 4 feet connected to the external transmitting coil
• Transmitter module working voltage: 5V~12V
• Transmitter module operating current: automatically increase or decrease with the receiving load current
• Maximum output current of the receiving module: 1A
• Transmitting distance: 1~20mm
• If the small current works, the number of receiving coil turns can be increased to increase the transmission distance

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