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9V HI-WATT battery


  • Use them for Toys,Electronic Equipment,Radio's and other devices that requires this battery size.
  • This battery is a high capacity & low cost solution for many electronic devices.
  • It is  used with its specific battery snap| connector or clip.


  • Model : 6F22M
  • System : Zinc Carbon
  • Nominal Voltage(V) :9V
  • Discharge Resistance(&;): 620
  • Cut-off Voltage(V): 5.4
  • Jacket: Metal
  • Operating Temperature Range : (deg. C)** –20 to +85
  • Weight : (g)*** 2.0
  • Dimensions : 26. 5 H x  48. 5 W x 17. 5 L (mm)
*Nominal capacity indicates duration until the voltage drops down,when discharged at a nominal discharge current at 20 deg C*
** When using these batteries at temperatures outside the range of 0 to +40 deg. C| please check in advance for conditions of use**
*** Dimensions and weight are for the battery itself| but may vary depending on the shape of terminals or other factors***



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