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KY-018 KY018 3pin Optical Sensitive Resistance Light Detection Photosensitive Sensor

KY-018 KY018 3pin Optical Sensitive Resistance Light Detection Photosensitive Sensor
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·         KY-018 3Pin Optical Sensitive Resistance Light Detection Photosensitive Sensor Module

·         Photo resistors are semiconductor photosensitive devices, in addition to having high sensitivity, fast response, consistent with the spectral characteristics and value of good features

·         Working voltage: 5V

·         Under a high temperature, and humidity in harsh environments, it also can maintain a high degree of stability and reliability   

·         With good performance and high-quality material


·          According to the spectral characteristics of three photoresistor: UV light-sensitive resistors, infrared light-sensitive resistors, visible photo resistor

·         Dark current, the dark resistance: photo resistor at a certain applied voltage, when no light irradiation, when flowing current is called dark current. Applied voltage and the dark current ratio is called dark resistance

·         Sensitivity: Sensitivity refers to the resistance value of the photoresistor from light irradiation (dark resistance) when irradiated with light and the resistance (light resistance) of the relative change value.

·         voltage characteristic curve: Volt-ampere characteristic curve used to describe the relationship between the applied voltage and the photoresistor photocurrent of the photosensitive device, its photocurrent increases with the applied voltage.

·         The temperature coefficient: Photoelectric effect photoresistor influenced by temperature, partial photoresistor optoelectronic at low temperatures higher sensitivity, whereas the sensitivity at high temperatures is lower.

·         Rated power: Refers to the rated power for a certain line photoresistor allowed power consumed, when the temperature rise high, its power consumption is reduced.


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