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GPS GSM Tracker TK110

GPS GSM Tracker TK110
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  • Model: BE-000233
  • Weight: 100.00g
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This GPS tracking locator is a compact and powerful locator. Mainly used in monitoring and management companies vehicle and private car anti-theft. Through the Intelligent Positioning and the way to GPRS to send GPS data to the site,tracker can access through mobile phones, computer,etc., anywhere at any time to know the latest vehicle position, speed and direction of the other information.


  • Real-time Location Monitoring: 1st 10 seconds of data transmission, dynamic display the target location;real-time tracking
  • Track Playback: the speed trajectory color-coded to show stop,display track mileage
  • Route Statistics: according to statistics speeding
  • Multi-Vehicle Tracking Animation: a dynamic display screen multiple target state


  • To operate with GPS/GSM/GPRS wireless network
  • GPS chipset with high sensitivity
  • Intelligent activation of GPS positioning
  • To start working actomatically after electrifying
  • Built-in ON/OFF power,wide voltage input range
  • Built-in monitoring CPU, eliminating breakdown automatically
  • Commands and location information received by SMS
  • Easy to install,open or hidden installment alternatives
  • Two Power input approaches: car-specific joint or car battery


  • GSM:850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • GPRS:Class2,TCP/IP built-in GSM module
  • GPS Module:SIRF Star III/LP
  • GPS Channels:20
  • Tracking Sensitivity:-159dBM
  • Acqusition Sensitivity:-144DBM
  • Locating Time Cost:
  • Hot start:<2secs(Open sky)
  • Warm Start:<15sec
  • Cold Start:<38sec(Open Sky)
  • Antenna: Built-in GSM,GPS antenna with low noise and high gain
  • Function Buttons:Power,SOS
  • LED indicator: Three LED indicator GPS-blue,GSM-green,Power-red
  • Power input:Car power supply:7~30vDC
  • Dimensions:90*45*12mm
  • Weight:45g

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