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DC 5V 8 Channel Relay Module USB Control Computer Control Switch/PC/PLC control board

DC 5V 8 Channel Relay Module USB Control Computer Control Switch/PC/PLC control board
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  • Model: BE-002847
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Module introduction:

·         The module adopts HID technology, the quality of foreign trade, no need for any driver, the download data comes with the application, plug and play.

·         Support WIN7, XP 32-bit, 64-bit system, easy to use. Whether you can operate on VB, you need to be familiar with VB friends to try. As engineers go abroad for further study, they can't provide technical support.

Module application:

·         Home intelligent switch control, hotel intelligent switch, hotel intelligent electrical control, intelligent greenhouse, shopping mall intelligent switch, company plant intelligent switch, Internet cafe timing management, karaoke timing control, object network, industrial equipment, test equipment power control, street light management, intelligent management, centralized power management, etc.

 Module description:

·         Onboard square USB interface, stable connection

·         Use imported high performance USB control chip

·         Using a special relay to drive the chip ULN2803, the relay works more stable

·         Use genuine relay

·         Military grade PCB board production

·         Board power socket and terminal, two ways to access the power supply are convenient and flexible. When the power is connected, the relay can remain set even if the computer is turned off or the USB is removed from the computer.

Product parameters:
Input voltage: DC 5 V
Input current: greater than 300mA
Wiring method: NC/COM/NO
Relay parameters:
Maximum control AC 250V, 10A AC load and maximum DC30V 10A DC load
Chinese and English software interface:
Green indicates that the relay is closed and red indicates disconnection
After the device is turned on, the software automatically obtains the working status of the current relay.

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